"That smile" is the first single released by Earth Needle. It features Lenny Prado from "Black Circle" on vocals.

  • Music : Nico, Tony
  • Guitars : Nico, Tony
  • Vocals : Lenny
  • Bass : Tony
  • Drum and violin programming : Tony
  • Lyrics : Nico
  • Mixing and Mastering have been performed at Underground Cave Studio by Tony
  • Videoclip : Lucile

Nico is the founder of Earth Needle project. He was very quickly joined by Tony. IT engineer by day, guitar player by night. He enjoys Grunge music since the early 90's.

Tony is a professional musician and joined Nico in the very early days of Earth Needle. He plays guitar, piano and bass. He is also the man behind the keyboard for mixing and mastering "That Smile".

Lucile is videographer, guitar apprentice, skateboarder and analog photographer. She is also expert level for "aperitif" ! She edited the videoclip for "That Smile". More info here.

Myrto is an architect and illustrator. She is inspired by build and unbuild architecture, 3D renderings, music, beat-generation poems, urban madness and structured chaos. She designed the Earth Needle logo. She runs Flowink Myst. You can reach her on instagram !